Thursday, 3 May 2012


This has been a long time coming!

I'll start with some introductions - Shooz is us! Me and my hubby - our surnames beat all the TomKat's and Bennifer's of the world. I've been snap happy for a while now!

A meal that I've cooked ... SNAP.
Decorating the apartment ... SNAP.
Work related events ... SNAP.

So work - I'm the online editor for one of Australia's favourite weekly magazines. I'm surrounded by celebs, fashion, beauty and oh yeah celebs! So much so that I refer to Kim Kardashian as Kim!

But I digress, I've been itching to start a blog that could bring my snap happiness to the world. So here it is, A Shooz Life. We love to eat, travel, shop, and laugh - not necessarily in that order either!

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Love Shooz x

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