Wednesday, 6 February 2013


That's right, CAKE!

It was Mr. S birthday this week, being away from home I wanted to make something extra special for him. He loves his kids-birthday-party-food, you know, chocolate crackles and fairy bread. Don't judge, you know you love it too!

But I didn't want to have a plate of fairy bread, I wanted to make a cake. A tower of fairy bread that was completely coated in 100s & 1000s (for the Americans out there, that's sprinkles!). 

Off I went to my resource, Google images, to find some inspiration!

OK, time to put my brain into gear and think for myself...I've got it!

And now, you've got it...Enjoy reliving your childhood!

1 x loaf of white bread
NB: keep the ends of the loaf 
1 x pkt 100s & 1000s (sprinkles)
1 x stick butter, softened
2 tbs jam

  1. Cut the crusts off the loaf, leaving a square shape of white bread. Use one end of the loaf (cut into square) as the base. 
  2. Place 100s & 1000s into a deep plate (wide enough for the entire stack to be dipped).
  3. Butter the base of the loaf and dip into the 100s & 1000s bowl and place on whatever plate you're using to display. 
  4. Continue to butter and dip the rest of the loaf.
  5. Every 4 slices, add a slice of bread with jam, just to keep it stable. 
  6. Once you have the whole stack ready, butter the sides of the stack.
    HINT: to make it easier to spread across, work the butter on a chopping board - spreading it over and over again.
  7. Place the end piece of the loaf on top of the stack, tilt and hold the bottom of the loaf, press together, and dip into the 100s & 1000s. On all four sides.
  8. Put the stack back onto the display plate, and disregard the end piece of the loaf (not the base). 
  9. If there are any missing parts, just sprinkle 100s & 1000s over it a lightly press down. 

If you need any assistance - please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you.

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